I'm excited to welcome you to my page! My name is Marie.  Over 20 years ago I had the privilege of witnessing the birth of my nephew . I knew then that it was the most incredible life event - I absolutely loved it! Watching my sister find the inner strength she needed to birth and welcome her baby was life changing. From that point, I was able to assist other friends through the years with the births of their babies.  I especially realized the importance of emotional and physical support in labor when I birthed my daughter. At that point, I decided to be a birth doula when the timing was right in my life and right for my family. 

 I am certified as an Optimal Maternal Positioning parent educator, DONA certified birth doula, credentialed with National Doula Network, and a certified lactation counselor by the ALPP ( . I want to help other mothers on this amazing birth journey - to empower them - giving them the support both emotionally and physically to do what their bodies are designed to do! I look forward to the honor of sharing this with you, whether it is at your home, birthing center, or hospital ~ and if it is non-medicated, medicated, or C-section - I am there to support you!

Please contact me for a free consultation!