Empowered in a Time of Uncertainty

Each day seems to add another level of uncertainty in our lives, with the current COVID-19 pandemic. One month ago, 1 week ago, even a day ago, I wouldn't have imagined what today would be like. The normal day to day life, running to the store for milk, eggs, and bread etc, isn't even normal - now if we want those essential items we have to be at the supermarket at it's opening hour, and even then it isn't certain you will find what you need or want. The fact that states, counties, and cities are on lock-down is surreal. But, even closer to my heart is the women who are ready to have their baby. That can bring about another level of stress then what they may have already been anticipating. It has brought a situation to the birth world that birth workers, such as myself, are trying to move forward and adjust to the "new" normal. While some hospitals aren't even allowing one support person in the room with the mother, we are fighting for her human rights. According to World Health Organization (WHO), "all pregnant women, including those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, have the right to high quality care before, during, and after childbirth...[including] having a companion of choice present during delivery." A continuous labor support person, whether its a partner, spouse or doula, is essential to the comfort of the mother. As we continue to adjust, we realize that even if it means we offer support virtually - it is a way to relieve some of the uncertainties and stress the pregnant or laboring woman is feeling. It is my passion to comfort, support and empower her ~ know I'm here to help and advocate in whichever way I can! And remember keep breathing for your baby! We will get through this together!

Cite works: Access date 3/25/20.

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